About ANG

The ANG is much more than a business group: it’s friends working and socialising together; camaraderie and support.

The Aviation Network Group was formed in 2019 as an independent forum for the professional aviation community. The network provides a platform for our members to collaborate and support one another, to share information and trends, and to help solve problems and create solutions.

Aviation Professionals

The group is solely used by aviation professionals and decision makers at senior level and above.

A broad mix of aviation people to enable you to expand your own personal network.

Why Companies use us...


Regular communications with aviation professionals and decision makers.


To be part of selected ANG networking events around the world.


Exclusive access to the extremely popular ANG WhatsApp Group


Unlimited ability to post Job Vacancies, RFQs or Requirements.

"Becoming a member of the ANG has helped me source solutions, solve problems and create many opportunities. The Power of the ANG often strikes and is where the Aviation professionals do THE best business…the social side isn’t too bad either!"


"ANG has proved to be an excellent business forum for AFW Express in its formative months. A network of likeminded professionals who share information and opportunities within the aviation community. Being exposed to such individuals and businesses during this time has already generated contacts and sales for the business. It’s a privilege for AFW Express to be part of the growing network"


"Since joining ANG, Shannon Group have found the forums and networking opportunities to be a significant source of business opportunities and market intelligence. Following recent ANG events, we look forward to supporting future ones, confident in the knowledge that they will be well organised and a great success"